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We need your kids name & age to personalize on cards.

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This product includes
  • A complete kit in PDF format
  • 3 hours of games included
  • DIY tutorials
  • More than 70 decorative elements
  • Themed items for goodies and thank you’s
  • A unique e-invitation, standout personalised birthday banner, personalised poster & cake toppers, 3 different muffin wraps
  • 4 different themed bottle wrappers
  • 9 different straw elements
  • Charming seating cards
  • Tags for CakePops or LolliPops
  • Little treat wraps
  • Soap Bubble wraps
  • Thank you bag wraps
  • An immersive personalised story
  • A themed playlist
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A complete printable kit for a perfect birthday

Which child doesn’t dream of a birthday even weeks before? In this kit you find all you need for a special birthday celebration. Invitations cards, all decorative elements for the day, thank you goodie wraps, an immersive story with your child in the center, 6 game and DIY tutorials to fill the day with fun and laughter as well as a cool music list for the day.

Easy to print, Easy to cut

A complete kit in PDF format, personalized with the first name and age of your child and easy to print. Perfectly suited for all sizes of birthdays from 1 to 20 guests. Once the document is printed, take a pair of scissors and go. Preparation usually takes only 2 hours. The decorations, the games, the music: everything is included and you will have the satisfaction of having done everything yourself economically and environmentally!

3 hours of games included

A story that encompasses 4-5 games / activities and in which your child and his friends are the heroes is provided. Ideal for a birthday of 2 to 3 hours. Of course, you are free to adapt the games according to your wishes and the age of the children.

DIY tutorials

Children love to create things with their own hands. In every kit, you will find some DIY ideas and what you need so the kids can get creative. This may be masks, slime recipes, the guide to making your own pinata and of course some colouring elements

More than 70 decorative elements

In this kit, you will find everything you need to create a unique beautiful birthday table, from cake and muffin toppers over bottle wraps and straws to banners and posters. You can print as many elements as you need and guest are attending. And the best – all elements are personalised with the name and age of your child.

Themed items for goodies and thank you's

Little suprises make the day perfect. If you prefer to hand them out during the day or to finish off with a unique goodie bag, you will find all you need in this kit, from invitation cards to the thank you bags, lollipop cards, little treat and soap bubble wraps.

A unique invitation

The fun starts already before the party – with a personal themed invitation. You just need to print as many as you need and add the details fo your child’s party. And the best – the cards will already tease the story that guides through the day.

Your invitation as e-invite

You don’t manage to see all invitees in person before the day? No worries – just send them the corresponding invitation virtually. Just add the personal information and off you go.

A standout personalised birthday banner

A unique banner with the name of your child and his age, in a beautiful themed design. Easily and quickly made – this will be a center piece of your birthday table!

3 personalised posters

A great decoration for the table, entrance or gifting area. You will receive 3 different poster designs you can print and add in a frame. And no worries if you do not have a frame handy, with our added “feet” they can stand by themselves

3 personalised cake toppers

What’s the one piece that cannot be missed on a birthday? Right – a yummie cake. Whatever cake you choose, homemade or bought, with the personalised cake toppers it will become an outstanding piece you can be proud of.

3 different muffin wraps & toppeers

Our personal favourites 🙂 Pimp up your little yummi muffins or cupcakes by just wraping them in the personalised muffin wraps. And to continue the fun? Stick the little toppers on to your muffins, cupcakes or other yumminess to make your table look even prettier.

4 different themed bottle wrappers

Birthdays are filled with fun, excitement and laughter which makes your party guests thirsty. So make sure you have lots of water and drinks handy – and use the personalised bottle wraps for little bottles, cans or cups. Just print, cut and wrap around.

9 different straw elements

For an even prettier table and to ensure that each child easily recognizes his own glass or bottle, use the different straw elements to personalise each and every straw

Charming seating cards

Your child knows exactly where his or her friends should sit? No worries, we have you covered. Just print out the themed seating cards, write the n ame of each child and let your child decide 🙂

Tags for CakePops or LolliPops

As a little surprise throughout the day and to make any sweettooth happy, add our little tags to your cakepops or lollipops

Little treat wraps

You want to offer little candies or chocolate during the day? Make them look unique by wrapping them in our little theme candy wrappers

Soap Bubble wraps

As a charming and affordable surprise, soap bubbles always do the trick. And even give you a chance to make fun and beautiful pictures during the day 🙂 To make it a lovely souvenir for the kids to take home, just wrap them in our soap bubble wraps.

Thank you bag wraps

To end the birthday in style and in excitement, hand out little gift bags with candies or little surprises. Just use little standard bags and close them with the personalised them bag tags. What a great ending to a fun filled day.

An immersive personalised story

This is the special day of your child – so your child will be the main character of the story we provide you with. As part of the kit, you will receive a short story guiding you throughout the day and the different fun activities

Fun game ideas

To make a birthday fun and memorable, kids want to play. With our gaming and DIY tutorials you have everything you need for 2-3h of fun. But you can of course use just parts of the ideas or adapt the games based on your kids liking

A themed playlist

Music makes every day better and can help getting all your little guests in the themed mood. With our spotify music playlist you have the fitting songs all handy – you only need a spotify account, connect to our playlist and let the fun begin


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